Strictly speaking, the Scuola Grande di San Marco is part of the "Polo Culturale e Museale della Scuola Grande di San Marco", an organisation created with deliberation no. 2036 of 17th July 2015 by the General Manager of the Azienda Ulss. This Polo deals with the historical-cultural aspects of the structures within the perimeter of the monumental part of the Civic Hospital SS Giovanni e Paolo and of the analogous area of the ex-Giustinian territorial site.

The Polo Culturale e Museale includes, in particular:

- the artistic works collocated on the premises of the Scuola and in other locations;
- the historical Archive of the ancient Venetian hospitals;
- the medical history Library;
- a collection of vintage surgical instruments;
- the "Andrea Vesalio" Museum of Pathological Anatomy;
- the historical Pharmacy;
- a stone memorial of the Venetian hospital sites;
- the Sala della Biblioteca San Domenico;
- the Sale dei Novizi e degli Angeli (the new Refettorio);
- the San Lazzaro dei Mendicanti church;
- the Chiesa di Ognissanti (adjacent to the former Ospedale Giustinian);
- the Santa Maria del Pianto church.

The Polo Culturale e Museale is headed by the General Manager of the Azienda Ulss 12 Veneziana, Dr Giuseppe Dal Ben, who avails of the organisational direction of the Polo itself, entrusted to Dr Mario Po', under an honorary and unpaid appointment.

For contacts:

Tel. 041 5294323
Tel. 366 5672944

Campo Ss. Giovanni e Paolo
Castello 6777
30122 Venezia