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Scuola Grande di San Marco a Venezia

aUlss 3 Serenissima

Welcome to the Scuola Grande di San Marco website!

Here you will find information and services connected to the cultural institution of which the School is an expression and a depository, to offer the citizens of Venice and the world the opportunity to access its precious historical, artistic and cultural heritage.

Yet, perhaps even more precious is the ethical value expressed by the works, the symbols and human testimony preserved therein.   It is this character that renders a typically and highly Venetian contribution to the search for the ethical foundation of the right to life, to the care and health of the individual; but also the right to food, to assistance and, in general, to the recognition of the essential needs of the person, in the definition of his or her dignity.

The Scuola di San Marco can be said to have been reborn on 20th November 2013, the day of its opening to the public and the beginning of the fruition of its historic features. This site thus aims to be one of its best creations available to all, a tool to construct and maintain a virtual community body of work which, between the past, present and future, brings a continuity of ideals and works to life.

Dott. Giuseppe Dal Ben
General Manager
aUlss 3 Serenissima

Dott. Mario Po'
Manager of Scuola Grande di San Marco
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